Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wanted to wish everyone in cyberspace a Merry Christmas and a healthy, safe and prosperous New Year.
God bless.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blogging hasn't been a top priority of late. I've been writing a third book, working on a treatment for Flight of the Hopper and supplying notes on a treatment someone wrote for Measure of a Man. So I'm wondering, do I blog once a week? Month?
I have no idea if anyone reads them. Anyway, felt like I had to post something, though. Maybe it's the negative atmosphere in the city, the economy. I don't know. I saw a girl in Ann Arbor wearing a t-shirt that read, "No One Cares About Your Blog."
Maybe that says it all.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dave Coulier in Romeo

Went and checked out Dave Coulier at Youngers in Romeo on Saturday. Amazingly funny show, and not one expletive. It's hard to imagine in today's culture that someone could be so entertaining and not use racial epithets, curse words or salty language to make everyone laugh. It was a really fun night, and I had an opportunity to talk with Dave for about 20 minutes after the show to talk about future projects he's working on and what I'm trying to do. He's a local guy that made it big and hasn't let success spoil him. A great guy that I love to see doing well. Check out his website at Cleanguys.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Traverse Magazine Interview/Bow Season

I had the recent honor of being interviewed by Traverse Magazine's Emily Tyra. She first did a piece on the book last November, when she recommended my story, Measure of a Man to be excerpted in the magazine. I was introduced to Emily from a good friend, writer Patty LaNoue Stearns. Patty hooked me up with Emily and fortunately for me, she liked the story. Now I'm excited to say that in addition to the interview, the online version of Traverse, is posting the entire short story, Bow Season as well. The story has been edited for "strong language". I know, hard to believe, but totally understandable! Anyway, my thanks to Patty, my thanks to My North, but a heartfelt thanks to Emily Tyra, for continuing to believe in me and support my work.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Aunt Agatha's Bookshop Review

I'll be there today, from 1:30-3-ish. If you're around Ann Arbor, come on by.

Monday, October 20, 2008

NaNo WriMo at Schuler Books & Music

I've been invited to be a participant in the NaNo WriMo Boot Camp Author Series at Schuler Books & Music in Lansing. The event is this Wednesday, October 22nd. Here's what Schuler's web posting says:

Join us for the second in our series of author panels leading up to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November. The Fiction Author panel will feature Joe Borri (Eight Dogs Named Jack); Colleen Gleason (The Gardella Vampire Chronicles); Jill Gregory, award-winning author of over 30 novels; Jim Hines, (Goblin Hero series); and Karen Tintori (Unto the Daughters, co-author with Gregory of Book of Names).

From what I've been told, there will be a discussion held regarding the publishing experience from an author's standpoint. I believe there will be a Q&A session followed by a book-signing.

2820 Towne Center Blvd.
Lansing, MI 48912
888-612-6657 (Michigan only)

Hope to see anyone that may live in the Lansing area.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Aunt Agatha's Bookshop Review

Robin Agnew and her husband Jamie own Aunt Agatha's, a bookstore in Ann Arbor that is a favorite among crime fiction and mystery lovers. While my book isn't necessarily full of mysteries (except how it ever got published! HEY-O!), there's enough Michigan in it for her to have been kind enough to give it consideration. Here's what she said:

Eight Dogs Named Jack, Joe Borri, Momentum Books, $24.95.

Joe Borri is new to writing — or published writing, anyway, I doubt he's new to writing — he's instead long worked as an artist. His collection of short stories, Eight Dogs Named Jack, are illustrated as well as written by him. The black and white illustrations look very much like woodcuts, but I encourage you to ask him the actual process, which he explained to me and which, like the man himself, is both original and unique. The stories are set either in urban Detroit or in the wilds of Michigan, and all seem to include some kind of life defining moment for the character as well as a real richness of tone, atmosphere and character detail. These are very Italian stories, and their very specificness lends them an extra air of originality.
The opening story, "Honest John", is set in the Detroit of 1968, and told from the point of view of a seven year old boy, who gives the nickname "Honest John" to his uncle, a nickname that, to judge by his family's reaction, is an entirely inappropriate one. Borri doesn't deviate from the understanding of events that a seven year old would have, so while uncle John's lack of honesty may have been apparent to an adult, to a child it's vague. What isn't vague are the details of the Italian neighborhood in Detroit where Richie lives, and the catholic school he attends, with this classic description of the nun who is his teacher: "The nun was an evil, broad-shouldered woman just shy of six feet with ringlets of oily, jet-black hair. She looked like a man in a habit..." The rest of the story is equally vivid.

The title story, "Eight Dogs Named Jack", is just as distinct, though it's told not from a child's point of view, and rather than being set in Detroit, it's set in the thumb. Two friends, Tom and Mike, take Tom's new dog, Duke, out for his first attempt at hunting. Mike, who has eight dogs named Jack (it's a perfectly good name, after all), razzes Tom about naming his dog after Duke Ellington. By the end of the story, both men and the dog have come through a life changing event of sorts for all three. It will stay with you after you finish it. While these aren't mystery stories, they are terrific and memorable stories, and the Michigan setting couldn't be more vivid.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kerrytown BookFest and Hemingway

I've been invited to be on a panel of short story writers at next week's Kerrytown BookFest in Ann Arbor. This is my first time being on any kind of panel, and to be honest, I have no idea what to expect. Oh, I'm sure there will be a few folks that might ask a question or two, most likely regarding how to get published, process, etc. But in terms of reception, not a clue if anyone there will have ever picked up my book for other than a cursory glance. The other authors on the panel are Peter Ho Davies, Dorene O'Brien & Lolita Hernandez. Dorene is a good friend, and I'm hopeful the other two are as giving and supportive as she has been.

I also was asked to judge a cover contest for The Nick Adams Stories, submitted by high school students. There was a lot of great design work at hand, and I had the opportunity to do that alongside Steve (forgot his last name-sorry Steve!) at Huron River Press and get this--Edward Hemingway, a descendant of Ernest! I believe Edward is a children's book illustrator. In any case, that was a lot of fun, too.

Please come to the event and say hello this Sunday, September 7th. The info is linked on the title. The book cover award winner is being presented at 11 am, but the panel is at 1 pm and books are available for signing and purchase. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kwame Please Cop a Plea!!!

i just want him to go away. He's ruining anything good he ever took credit for. God, what a mess.
He will set race relations back in this city 30 years with his race baiting antics. Good riddance.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Dark Knight

Okay, I just got back from The Dark Night at the IMAX at Henry Ford. HOLEEEEE CRRRAPPPOLA!!! One of the only movies I've ever seen that has lived up to the hype! I won't bore you with my review, because I know I'm late to the party, but some impressions:

*IMAX!-Can't imagine seeing this film on anything other than IMAX. Absolutely visually assaulting. Tremendous cinematography, design, the whole thing.
*Heath Ledger-Honestly, I think even had he lived, this performance would go down as one of the absolute most memorable one on screen. Riveting, compelling and as complex as any method actor's performance. What a shame he died, and wasn't able to witness the celebration for his performance come Oscar time. I would hate to be an actor nominated this year in a best supporting role.
*Screenplay-What a great story. I told the buddy I went with, that it seems to me when they hit a point in the script that required drama or sensitivity, they went a 180. This especially true with the Joker. Great lines, tension, playful repartee between characters.
*Cast-Freeman and Caine, can't beat them. Bale is sensational, although I would prefer his voice be a little less forced. I actually like Keaton's Batman voice a bit better. But it's what he does with his face that makes it so watchable. That Maggie Gyllenhall, strange looking woman, and I almost wonder if they used her instead of a more classically beautiful actress who could've proven too distracting and not "complex" enough for a man of Wayne's tastes. Aaron Eckhart was very good, as was Gary Oldman, whose ability to shape-shift into roles as varied as he's played is nothing short of staggering.
*Sound-The use of natural sound, and high-pitched noise to convey terror, pain, sorrow was a real throwback. IMAX enhanced it dramatically.

TOM LONG, local movie reviewer from The Detroit News, gave this a B-!!! WTF movie was he watching? This guy also gave "Over Her Dead Body" with Eva Longoria-Parker the same grade. Huh? He said not enough Ledger, too long and Batman too dark and serious. Right. Sorry Tom,you are wrong on all counts. And the restrained use of Ledger was genius as the anticipation of his re-appearances was made even more tantalizing and anticipated.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Swimming season over

This year's swim season went by quick! Bad weather at the start of the season caused for make ups and that gave the whole summer a quickened pace. It never felt like we had a spring, instead slipping between rainy, cold and brutal hot weather.
The kids had a great A Finals meet, and Marina is in Maryland now competing in the Y Nationals. My free spirited son, Gino, proudly displayed his back tattoo, designed by yours truly (rendered in Sharpie). It reads, El Gino, Spanish for The Gino.
(apologies to the late Chris Farley).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dog Days Coming

Summer has flown by, and I wonder if it's more because of the awful start we had. There was never that nice transition into spring. It seems that now all we have is fading winter then BOOM! Hot summer days. This year it was cold/hot/cold/hot then boatloads of rain. I can't believe all the rain. Everything looks so much greener than normal. The canopies up north are more lush, the grass at home is greener. But now I'm starting to feel that drag-ass weather coming, where soon we'll just melt the days and wait for fall.

I'm polishing my novel, working on the 3rd rewrite. It's around 123,000 words, though I have no idea what it will be pared down to.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Michigan Authors Homecoming

I was fortunate enough to attend the Michigan Authors Homecoming last night at the Wharton Center in East Lansing on MSU's campus. Was I glad I went. Seeing and listening to Jim Harrison, Thomas McGuane and Richard Ford talk about their experiences as writers was nothing short of inspirational. Unbelievable and historic, to have three of the nation's most celebrated authors, and Michigan State graduates, on the same stage. The three are good friends, and it was apparent in the way they played off each other. Harrison didn't disappoint with bawdy sexual banter and stories of Hollywood. McGuane was polished and very witty, telling hilarious stories of flyfishing adventures and his time at MSU. And Ford was a southern gentleman with a cutting wit and self deprecating way about him--I'm eager to read his book, The Sportswriter, the first of his famous Bascombe trilogy.

Afterwards, I was able to get Harrison to sign his Memoir, and got him to mumble something about our mutual friend and owner of Dog Ears Books, Pamela Grath: "Arrr, a lovely woman. How's she putting up with that husband of hers?" Delightful. McGuane was gracious as was Ford, signing my copies of Gallatin Canyon and The Sportswriter, respectively. What a night.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Taking a week to chill up north with the family. Looking forward to doing nothing but fish, golf, write and relax. Hope everyone is safe and healthy. God bless.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mission work

My son, Gino, is off for several days on a mission trip with a local church. He's in Gulfport, Mississippi with a group of 60+ kids from our area, helping rebuild homes destroyed or torn up from Hurricane Katrina. We talked to him yesterday and he told us that the first thing his crew and him would do was rebuild a porch and put up a wheelchair ramp. This heartened me. Realizing that even though much of the community service kids do these days is motivated because colleges require it for consideration, it's my hope that he's changed by it. Seeing others out there who by geographic chance had their lives turned upside down can only help ground him to the fact that there is so many blessings in life that can't be bought. I miss him already, and know that the young man who returns will be different than the one who got on the bus last Friday.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Did anyone think he wouldn't make the shots he needed to make, when he needed to make them? The guy is steel.
Gotta give it up to Eldrick. The man can flat out play. Even with a bad leg, he's better than almost anyone out there. Get ready for the "clever" Nike commercials. They're coming.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Toby

This is a shout out to a great friend of mine, Toby. The man, the myth, the legend. He stands tall, battling bad men from the Pacific Northwest and abroad. One of the brightest, funniest and most honorable men I've ever known. It's been over 20 years, but our friendship remains strong.

Happy Birthday good friend. Hope to share a cold Leinenkugel or two one day soon.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Marina!

I'm a little late with this post, as I've been doing caricature portraits for my oldest daughter's aunt (40th Birthday) and favorite teacher's farewell. My lovely daughter turned 14 the other day. She was the first girl of our four children, and as oldest daughter sets the most wonderful example to her younger sisters we could ever hope for. She's a tremendous friend, beautiful person inside and out and a great student. We're proud of her swimming and academic accomplishments, but it's her character and soul that we are so proud to have been blessed with. Marina, you're one of the shining lights of my life, and I love you with all my heart. God bless you little lady. Dad.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Now I can post this! One of the most exciting finishes that I can remember--and it went our way!

Monday, June 2, 2008


Guess we planned that parade a little too early, eh? Shit. Revised art. Note emerging penguin.

Go WINGS Game 5!

Tonight's the night, we all hope and pray! Especially after that Pistons' debacle last weekend. So eat up those Penguins boys.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tin Man and Toby shout out

Here's the second in a series of characters from the Wizard of Oz. Not sure where my schedule will take me, but the Scarecrow will be the next I'll try to tackle.

Also, hello to my good friend, Toby. The man, the myth, the legend. You can't tame the wind. Let's do a better job of keeping in touch my good friend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Heading "Up North" for the holiday, and as such am going to miss the first Wings' game, which sucks to no end. Anyway, I'm hoping for a great series, with the men in red destroying the Pens in 5, but could see it going 7. Bring the cup home fellas.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Basal cell & my wish for a Bruce Jenner nose

I don't know about you but I am really looking forward to warm weather. The last vestiges of fall have attached themselves to me and give me the blahs. But I'm posting today to urge everyone who comes across my blog, that's right, all 3 of you, to check yourself for any unusual spots. These could be freckles that have gotten bigger, moles that have changed shapes, and other age spots that a body gets. You don't have to be fair-skinned to fall victim to it either, as I found out.

There was this little bump on the right tip of my nose, above the nostril. The dermo biopsied it just to be on the safe side, telling me that because I was Italian, I probably had nothing to worry about. Wrong-O! She called me and told me it was a basal cell skin cancer, "the best skin cancer" she called it. So they set me up with a specialist and he took it off. But not before digging deep. I was hoping he could've whacked a little off here and there (have you seen my nose?), but instead of coming out looking like Bruce Jenner, all I got was a tic-tac sized gauge that a plastic surgeon sewed up. Note: 15 shots of local anesthetic in the old schnozz. Ouch. So now it's a continued life of SPF 500.

Get checked everyone. In case that spot is not the "best skin cancer" and something worse.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Corporate Tree Hugger

This is an illustration I did for the Detroiter, a magazine about well, business in Detroit. The assignment was to come up with an illustration that conveyed the benefits of going green in the office environment. I chose the newfangled light bulb as an icon that represents the change in our ideas about conserving energy.

Plus it looked cool.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Borri's Books

My friend and former colleague, artist Gary Cooley, just returned from a trip he took to Italy. He sent me this photo he snapped of a bookstore at the Rome train station. How cool is that?
Needless to say, they don't stock my book there, but fuggedabout it! THEY SHOULD!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cowardly Lion

It's been a bit of time since I've posted. Been trying to get back in the swing since Aruba. Not easy. Anyway, here's the latest piece I've been working on. It's part of a series of detailed editorial illustrations I'm trying to put together. I plan on doing the Tin Man and the Scarecrow. I'll pass on Dorothy, though.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back in Detroit

Came back from a week in Aruba sans chillen. That's the view from the lanai. The ocean is off to the right and we overlooked a massive pool from our fourth floor suite. Went with my three brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws, along with my lovely wife. Man, tough to get back in the swing of things. I decided to start back heavy into my writing, and have started the second draft of my novel, The Claw. Definitely needed the time away more than I thought, and aside from the constant FREAKING WIND, Aruba is a beautiful island. The people are extremely nice, VERY LAID BACK, which drove me crazy most of the time (especially waiting for dinner), and the water is as blue as Windex. Drank the local brew (Balashi) and it tasted so damn good I probably pounded more than I had since college. Anyway, I'm going to dedicate myself to becoming a better artist and writer so that I can afford to visit more places without such huge gaps of time in between. Good to be back in the USA.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Ava's 7 and Aruba, here we come

Hey everyone. Going south, really south, to Aruba. I think that's south. First vaca for my wife and I in 10 years sans children. Thanks to my sisters and my mother-in-law, the kids will be in good hands.

Anyway, I'll be back in a week. Maybe I'll post some photos, who knows. Here's a tribute of my youngest, little Ava. She turns 7 and is quite the poster. We'll be away for her actual birthday, but we celebrated today and made it a special time for all of us. Take care all and God bless.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pat Caputo Rules!

I love columnist and radio talk jock (97.1 The Ticket) Pat "The Book" Caputo. The guy is a native and knows his stuff. Rock on Pat. Don't let the haters get you down. And there is nothing, NOTHING gay about you! (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Obama sucks at bowling

Did I really hear on the radio that Obama bowled a freaking 37? Seriously. I thought I "mis-heard" it. I mean, a 137, sure. A 1-0-7, even. But how un-athletic do you have to be, barring certain handicaps, to bowl a 37? It seems you can bowl close to 100 by accident. I heard a guy on the radio say he's now not even sure how comfortable he is with the prospect of Barack as his President. That's sarcasm steeped in machismo (well, it is bowling, which I'm not even sure you'd call a sport. Similar to darts, or even golf). The guy played basketball in college. I hope he's not asked to throw out a first pitch! Heaven help us. It does connect to all the crap these candidates are expected to answer to; from kissing babies, eating bad regional foods (while smiling), listening to the populace drone on with their particular issues. And of course, bowl. This is going to be fun to watch develop down the stretch run until November.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What about the old guy?

Every time I see a news item on Barack or Hilary, I keep wondering what the election will reveal about the two candidates that we don't already know. It just feelslike one of them is a candidate the general voting population wants. Then there's "Pastorgate" for Barack (in the form of Rev. Wright) and "Snipergate" for Hilary (in the form of being outed by none other than the "comedian", Sinbad, no less!) that clouds the positions the two candidates take. But how about McCain? He had an alleged relationship with a lobbyist, but what else is out there? Can he beat either of the Dems? Is he just too damn old looking? I mean, I wouldn't use that as a pre-requisite for my vote, but it's hard to get past his appearance sometimes. I wonder if when people are in the privacy of that booth, what will compel them to pull--or not pull--the trigger on a certain candidate. Will age, race or gender play a role? Anyone who doesn't think so is fooling themselves. Maybe it will all come down to which running mate is chosen to assuage the fears of the voters to the shortcomings they feel for a particular candidate.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Your Life (in 6 words or less)

Local columnist Neal Rubin had written a column where he touched on the compilations contained in the book, "Not Quite What I Was Planning-Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure (Harper Perennial $12). Since I'm a HUGE Neal Rubin fan, I sent him an email to say hello and offered my own 6-worder. You can see what I contributed by clicking the headline to go to the article online. I'd love to hear what you all would put as your own sparse memoir. It's not as easy as it sounds.

Monday, March 24, 2008

My Favorite TV Show

Just a little homage to my favorite TV show. The Office is one the best pieces of writing and acting on TV. These four; Jim, Dwight, Michael and Stanley, are my favorite characters on the show.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Where did the time go?

My oldest child and only son, Gino, turns 16 today. He's a truly unique kid, a description which seems to be fading with every week. His voice is deeper than mine, and he can probably grow a better beard already (he got the Sicilian genes from my wife's side). More than that, he's mature and has a sophisticated sense of humor that I love. And the kid can really dance, truly. I felt compelled to depict him standing on the rock in front of Harrison, surrounded by two of his favorite characters and pictures of his sisters and buddies. Happy Birthday, Gino. I love you kid.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Favorite Shows

There are a lot of funny shows on TV. During the writes' strike, I missed The Office, 30 Rock, heck, even Desperate Housewives. But I really love House, M.D. The show really grew on me. Hugh Laurie, the lead character, possesses a wry inflection that never tires. He's really created one of the more iconic, memorable characters in television. While much of the plots are merely window dressing to allow House to espouse his cynical take on the cast and the emergency situation at hand, it's all great fun. Do you have a favorite show now? And what shows from the past are untouchable as far as Top 10? Mine are below, in no particular order:
1. All in the Family
2. M*A*S*H
3. Taxi
4. Seinfeld
5. Barney Miller
6. NYPD Blue
7. Hill Street Blues
8. Cop Rock.
That was a joke.
8. The Bob Newhart Show (the Suzanne Pleshette one)
9. The Jeffersons
10. Night Court

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Review and giveaway

Diane Kidman, the author of the writing blog, Carp(e) Libris Reviews, has posted a really nice review of the book, along with a giveaway. Thanks Diane, for helping get the book into the hands of people who might have missed it otherwise. To read the review, click the headline of this post.

Nicole Kidman

I always thought Nicole Kidman was a beautiful woman, especially considering the coloring she was blessed with. And I also prefer her pre-whatever the hell plastic surgeon she visited. Looking at her in recent photos, I don't know what the hell she was thinking. Anyway, here's my take on her when she was just in the post Billy Bathgate era, probably around the time she starred with her future nutjob husband, Tom Cruise.

Monday, March 10, 2008

More Favre Love

I was listening to the national take on Brett Favre retiring and much of it centered on John Madden's "Man Crush" on the venerable number 4. So yesterday I came across Gladiator, and like any other red-blooded male, I of course stopped and watched it. Why not just pop the DVD into the machine that was sitting there? Because this way I could watch it and still flip through other channels. Anyway, an image of Maximus as he was wearily defeated blended with "the Louisiana Gunslinger" stumbling off to sell Wranglers and whatever else, while a blubbering John Madden is left to mourn for the rest of his days. Whatever, it made for a fun drawing.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Brett Favre

God knows how John Madden and Tony Kornheiser will ever make it through another football season now that the object of their desire has retired. Yes, Brett Favre has hung up the spikes, and the biggest Lion killer since I've been cognizant enough to follow the Leos will be removed from the picture. Not that it will matter, they still will suck, of course. As much as the media fawns over the guy (it's not his fault that there's a Brett-lovefest) I have to give it up to him. There aren't many football players like him and he made watching football a lot more fun to watch. Damn, I wish the Lions could get a QB like him.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Kwame, Kwame, the Kwamenator. Who would've thunk that such a promising, intelligent up and comer could fall so fast? I've thought through this whole debacle, "That has to be the worst phone contract in history. Eight + million for 14,000 text messages". I really can't believe the citizens that live in my former hometown will put up with him anymore. He needs to go, and soon. Later K. LOL.

You Like Me! You REALLY Like Me!

I told anyone that would listen that the Clinton Machine isn't dead yet. It will be really interesting to see where the Dems go with their candidate selection given the political hot potatoes of having a woman running against a person of color. I think there will be great division in their ranks as Hillary tries to gently suggest that Barack's just not experienced and ready to lead the country without setting off all kinds of claims of said suggestions being perceived as condescending by the black community. For the time being though, like Sally Fields after snagging the Oscar for Norma Rae, old Hillary knows she still has pals in the country.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Who gets your vote?

With a form of Super Tuesday approaching Ohio and Texas, and the empty feeling left for us in Michigan (because the Democratic party from our state and the national post screwed things up) I wonder who people are leaning towards. I still don't know who I'm going to vote for. But the guy who I think would be most fun to draw is Barack. I just added a very distraught, disheveled Hillary. She's got that look that says, "Hey mister! Wait your turn!"

I'll try a McCain at some point, but let me know if you feel like sharing your political leanings.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eight Dogs on YouTube

Check out my new attempt to help move books. Hey, if the dude who sang Chocolate Rain and that Star Wars light saber kid can get "hits", I figure why can't I. To go to YouTube and view the video, please click HERE
Maybe if enough folks view it, I'll be the next Tay Zonday. FYI, the dude who sings Chocolate Rain. His voice makes James Earl Jones' sound like Minnie Mouse

Monday, February 25, 2008

Detroit News' Neal Rubin clears my reputation

I am not a porn freak, OK? So God bless Neal Rubin. Because of him the neighbors in my sub will know it without me having to convince them of it.

CLICK THE HEADLINE ABOVE to get redirected to the online version of the article.

The Detroit News columnist has been a friend to many aspiring artists, musicians and writers over the years by mentioning their efforts to get their work in front of the public. Neal and I became acquainted when I called him out of the blue the day after a Sugar Ray concert. My wife and I had taken my son, Gino and daughter, Marina, to the show, and they made it onstage with Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray. He wrote a great article (which you can still find online). Anyway, Neal found the Craigslist article hilarious, and told me he'd try to get it into print. Well into print he did. The article is in today's paper, with primo placement, right next to all the Oscar coverage. He even put the cover in the beginning of the article. What a guy.
Neal also graciously notes that I'm working on a second book, an adaptation of an unsold screenplay. That's The Claw. As a big dreamer, the irony that that appeared next to all those stars with their Oscars wasn't lost on me. I sure hope I get it closer to Hollywood than Neal's article, but if I don't, I'm still so appreciative for the help and support I've received from people all over, and for the few media folks that have used their forums to give me more exposure.

Thanks again, Neal, not only for the support but for clearing my rep. It's much appreciated.