Sunday, January 17, 2010

Avatar craze

So I dropped off two of my kids today to see Avatar at a screen that was showing it in IMAX. We were there 40 minutes early, had pre-ordered the tickets, and the line for the movie was wrapped around the back concession stand. This movie's appeal is unreal. Despite the comparisons to Pocahontas and Dances With Wolves, people love this film. When will the crowds abate? The idea that Cameron's going to make 2 more of these bad boys is mind-blowing for a couple reasons, the least of which is the money it will make him. How about the technology? If this film looks this incredible now, imagine what A2 will look like? What about A3? Will Cameron go the Lucas route? That is to say, if George is to be believed, purposely making all movies in the series with similar FX so they look familial? I doubt it. This guy opened up Pandora's Box (I know, bad intended sue me) with this flick. I can't wait to see what movies look like a year from now. I liked it so much I changed my avatar, too.

Monday, January 4, 2010


The New Year brings hope and possibilities to everyone, and I'm no exception. From a personal standpoint, my goal is to find a literary agent that gets my work, believes in what I'm trying to say, and helps me find a national publisher. I've written two more books, these are both novels (the first was a collection of short stories). I've been rejected several times from major agents and though I've got thick skin, there are some weak spots developing from repeatedly getting socked around in the same spot (namely my gut!). I aim to keep writing, knowing that the only way to get better is to keep working. It's draining, mentally and physically, but I feel a calling I can't explain. To a great degree, it's out of your hands as an artist and writer. God, fate, luck all play a major part in it, sometimes moreso (but doubtfully very often) than talent.

My wish is that those who reach for unconventional dreams, can continue to mine the will from their souls to continue working hard and striving toward their goal, stay positive and not let "the bastards grind them down".