Sunday, January 18, 2009

Beating winter

Not entirely possible but after feeling absolutely boxed in the last week due to frigid temperatures, the balmy 18 degree day, with a brisk 20 mph wind beckoned my two youngest daughters to ask, "Can we go sledding, dad?"
How do you say no to that? Answer: you don't! You through on the long ones, thick socks and load em up. We had a right. Them, flying down the hill, and me watching. Believe it or not, they are at the Jonas Brothers concert at Joe Louis. Evidently, they're some kind of "pop band" that is marginally popular amongst young girls.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Popeye Knows Best

I think about this vocation I'm in, the arts. And it brings up questions. For instance, why was I born right-brained? Why didn't God just switch things, so I wouldn't be filled with all these images and ideas, these ridiculous stories and dreams of what life has in store for me on a creative front. I think it would be so wonderful to have the kind of mind that understands math, science, that can figure out a mechanical problem and apply the principles learned through proper schooling.
Of course, it's a ridiculous wish.
I can't change what I am. Working at an art studio for 19 years, and struggling to break into the writing game is proving as difficult as was getting that first paying job as a free-lance illustrator.
The city stumbles and struggles, but as Detroiters, we keep our head down and trudge forward.
One step at a time.
The footing is precarious. And the temptation to flee is there.
But for me anyway, it's a siren song I'll never answer.
Family and friends.
The beauty of the north country.
All of it keeps me trying to make it here.
So like Popeye was fond of saying, "I yam what I yam."